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David Jett - October 22, 2017

Engaging Your Youth

Sunday Morning Encounter from 10-22-17 at 10:30 am

From Series: "Meaning-filled Living"

This journey for meaning is one everyone takes… But on this journey we are going to have a guide… Someone who has lived the American Dream and found it to be empty … meaningless… Our guide on this journey is King Solomon… The wisest man to live on earth besides Jesus A multi-billionaire who had everything this world has to offer… In his younger days King Solomon wrote the beautiful Song of Songs… Toward the middle of his life he had written and gathered thousands of wise sayings that he compiled together in what we know as Proverbs… Now, however, Solomon is an old man… He has lived a full life and tried everything… In Ecclesiastes we meet an aged, reflective Solomon, looking back on his entire life and sharing from his great wisdom … How we can all live a MEANING-FILLED LIFE What does it mean to live your life with meaning? How can you know if you are living a life of meaning? What is the measuring stick to compare your current life against a meaning-filled life? What are the ingredients in a meaning-filled life?

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